Shop Titans' 5th anniversary: New content, fresh freebies, and more!

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 New content, fresh freebies, and more!
  • Shop Titans celebrates its 5 year anniversary with a massive update
  • Receive discounts for premium workers during the celebrations
  • Powerful new Artifact Blueprints and Merchant Level Loops are now available

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of playing it, Shop Titans is an RPG-slash-simulation game that tasks you with running your own mediaeval shop from scratch as the town craftsman. With its charming visuals, lush fantasy world, colourful characters, and all kinds of cosy vibes, it's easy to immerse into as you build your way to becoming a fantasy shop tycoon.

That sense of immersion will be all the sweeter this month, as Kabam invites everyone to join in on the festivities of Shop Titans’ fifth anniversary! In particular, you can look forward to getting more bang for your buck with a special anniversary sale from now until June 17th, free rewards for logging in, plus in-game goodies from the Shop Titans Webstore among other freebies.

Five years of fun

During the five-year anniversary festivities within Shop Titans, you can expect to nab a 15% discount on premium workers to boost your lineup - this includes Mundra the Moon Dragon as well as Johan the Bard. This also comes along with the brand-new Seed of Merit, which is now available during the sale to help you buff up your Champions and Heroes and increase their max level.


Additionally, you can score special deals on a Champion Titan Soul and champion coins to increase your combat prowess. And finally, you'll also be able to get your hands on free gifts from the Webstore simply by logging in. This special perk switches up every day, so be sure to take a peek daily to get your fill.

Powerful new Artifact Blueprints

The fantasy tycoon sim-slash-RPG is also welcoming Artifact Blueprints to the fray, letting you tinker around with a variety of effects for each of the six available ones. You can grab these from the Major Artifact (Tier 14) and Minor Artifact (Tiers 8-9) chests.

For instance, the Kiku-Ichimonji (Major Artifact) offers a whopping +200% bonus to Critical Damage at the cost of your critical hit rate getting restricted to 20%. The Torc of Peace (Major Artifact), on the other hand, is a bit of a double-edged sword in that it seals away the power of a weapon in exchange for +10% evasion along with a 20% skill HP bonus.

Furniture frenzy and mega merchant levels

The new update lets you upgrade your Furniture Levels to 25, offering bigger and better energy and resource capacity. This coincides with the hefty boost on the amount of Dragonmarks you can acquire from the Dragon Invasion event to ramp up your furniture game.

Merchant Level Loops now allow you to upgrade your merchant levels to Level 100 using Advanced Research’s XP bonus. This breakthrough point will give your level banner a spanking new look for the ultimate bragging rights, with the upgrades looping until you reach Level 500.

To top it all off, you can now expand the standard 3x3 setup of your shop with more Yard Space, letting you spruce up the place with more outdoor decor. If all that sounds like it's exactly your cup of tea, you can join in on all the festivities by downloading Shop Titans for free right now, or engaging with the community over on Facebook.

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