SHIFT UP hiring for ‘AAA urban sci-fi action RPG’ for console, PC, and mobile

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The Stellar Blade and NIKKE studio's next project.

SHIFT UP, the Seoul-based studio behind Stellar Blade and Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, is hiring for a new “cross-platform next-gen project,” according to the company’s “New Project” recruitment page.


The company is seeking a programmer (technical artist), artists (monster concept artist, character concept artist, and animator), and designer (scenario writer) to work on the unannounced title.

The job listings reveal the following information about the project:

  • It is a “AAA urban science-fiction action RPG
  • “Cross-platform” refers to console, PC, and mobile
  • It is built on Unreal Engine
  • Monsters and creatures will appear

Stellar Blade, developed by SHIFT UP and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is due out for PlayStation 5 on April 26. A demo is available now.

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