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 1999 codes for April 2024

Updated on April 01, 2024 - Added a new code

With Bluepoch Co’s latest time-travelling mobile RPG there’s a whole host of unlockable characters, resources and more for players. While you can work towards these normally, there are also codes for Reverse 1999 that can grant swift rewards and offer a quicker route to building up your party and character.

So, to help you, we’ve collected all the currently working codes we can find into one place and checked them ourselves. These should give you a leg up when it comes to collecting resources such as Dust and Sharpodonty!

How to use the codes for Reverse 1999?

You can find the area to input codes by tapping on the dotted, unlabelled menu at the bottom left-hand of your screen while between missions in your suitcase. From there, tap on Settings and then you’ll find the Exchange Code Reward section under Account. After that, it’s as simple as putting the code in and going from there.

Reverse 1999 active codes & rewards

  • RE1999GlobalMusicAwards - Clear Drop*60, Jar of Picrasma Candy (Time-limited)*1, Fine Insight Package*3, Simple Insight Package*5
  • IRREGULARPRIME - x30 Clear Drop, x10,000 Dust, 10,000 Sharpodonty, x2 Fine Insight Casket
  • TY4URREVIEW - x30 Clear Drop, x10,000 Dust, 10,000 Sharpodonty, x2 Fine Insight Casket
  • 1999GIFT : +19,999 Dust, +19,999 Sharpodonty
  • 5YRBRF9 : +19,999 Dust, +19,999 Sharpodonty and +3 Fine Insight Package

Reverse 1999 codes (Expired)

  • MAINSTORUPDATE - x12,000 Dust, 10,000 Sharpodonty, x3 Moment of Dissonance
  • REVERSELIVE - x60 Clear Drop, x1 Jar of Picrasma Candy
  • DipaFestival - x30 Clear Drop, x1 Jar of Picrasma Candy, x3 Moment of Dissonance, 10,000 Sharpodonty
  • Shamane - x30 Clear Drop, x2 Enlighten II, 10,000 Dust, 10,000 Sharpodonty
  • 6000000 - 200 clear drops
  • StarLight - x60 Clear Drop and other rewards
  • StarBright - x60 Clear Drop and other rewards
  • 9LRC9ZN: x60 Clear Drop, x1 Picrasma Candy, 10k Dust and 12k Sharpodonty
  • VERSIONUPDATE: x60 Clear Drop and 5k Dust
  • ENTERTHESHOW : +60 Clear Drop, +4000 Dust, +3000 Sharpodonty, +2 Bottle of Pages, +5 Enlighten
  • GACHAGAMING - x20 Clear Drop, x1 Picrasma Candy, x12,000 Dust and x10,000 Sharpodonty

And remember to check your mail, as when we jumped in this month there were gifts available for new players there too. Even one just asking to register on their Discord offered a hefty addition of Dust and Sharpodonty without any more action required.

Not only that but there are daily letters you can claim as well for your log-ins. Just check the top left corner of your screen, and right beside the Jukebox icon is an Open Crate icon where you can start claiming your rewards.

Reverse 1999’s pseudo-time-travel story offers a whole host of characters to meet and upgrade over time as you uncover the mind-bending plot of this lovingly realised RPG. But like always there are quicker ways to succeed than shelling out real cash, and hopefully, Reverse 1999 codes will help you upgrade and expand your Crew too.

Since we all love to get gifts, here are Arena Breakout redeem codes and Demigod Idle codes, but you can find other codes as well if you look around a bit!

Original article by Iwan Morris, updated by Sumant Meena

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Iwan Morris

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