Resident Evil Anime's Third Episode Continues To Celebrate Ways Of Achieving "You Are Dead"

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The countdown to the Resident Evil 4 remake continues with a third episode of the lovely and genius Resident Evil anime, created as promo for the game's launch.

In episode three, Leon and Ashley continue their peaceful adventures in the village--but this time it gets a little surreal. They ask a kind old man to build them a vehicle, and then while waiting, a bunch of villagers and monsters kill them. Leon and Ashley's souls ascend to heaven, and the old man, who has apparently built a helicopter, crashes into their spirits--resulting in an explosion and the familiar "You are dead" screen.

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The helicopter is really amazing, since it can apparently touch the souls of the deceased. But also this specific sequence of events does not happen in the game--though perhaps the episode is a nod to the long-running joke about helicopters' high death rate in Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil 4 does have a beloved helicopter dude, Mike, who knows a good bar. Players may get a chance to see more of Mike in the remake. According to a Game Informer interview, Mike has a few more scenes in the remake.

Episode three is likely the last episode of the Resident Evil anime, as the Resident Evil 4 remake releases on March 24 for PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S. Episode one featured Leon frolicking in the murderous village, and episode two was about the way Leon rescues Ashely repeatedly from the clutches of evil forces. It's been a good run.

Reviews are already out in the wild, and GameSpot gave the game 10/10 in its Resident Evil 4 remake review.

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