Resident Evil 4 - Clockwork Castellans And Primal Knife Guide

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Resident Evil 4 Remake has a special challenge that you can tackle throughout the campaign. In it, you'll need to find Clockwork Castellans, little toy soldiers that can be shot. If you manage to destroy all 16, you'll receive a nifty reward. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellans guide to help you with all their locations so you can acquire the Primal Knife.

Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellans guide

The Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellans are found in all three major zones: Village, Castle, and Island. These toy soldiers emit a unique sound: a squeaky, ticking noise, as if gears are spinning around, letting you know one is near. Likewise, you'll tend to discover at least one in every chapter, and you can backtrack in most (not all) instances, unless there's a point of no return. Likewise, please be reminded that our Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellans guide contains spoilers.

Village Clockwork Castellans

Chapter 1: Lakeside Settlement

  • Location: Near the end of Chapter 1, Leon will go through a tunnel to a clearing that has a hut with a villager that's throwing dynamite. Eliminate the hostiles and check the ruined roof of the house.
  • Backtrack: It's likely that you'll miss this one due to all the noise being made by enemies, but don't worry since you can return later once you've beaten Del Lago and have an undamaged boat (i.e. Chapter 4). In fact, you can tackle this along with another toy soldier later.
Lakeside Settlement Clockwork CastellanLakeside Settlement Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 2: Factory

  • Location: After obtaining the Hexagonal Emblem from the Mountain Village, you can pass through this gate and the wooded pathway. When you spot a shed near a well that has a dangling treasure, you'll see a note telling you about the "toy soldiers" (i.e. Clockwork Castellans). The object itself is inside the shed. Just watch out since a Chainsaw Villager is nearby.
  • Backtrack: In all likelihood, this will be the first Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan that you'll discover (what with the note informing you about these collectibles). In case you do miss it, you can still return here at any point in time as long as you don't go to the Villa in Chapter 5.
Factory (wooded path) Clockwork CastellanFactory (wooded path) Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 3: Quarry/Lake Merchant

  • Location: Once you meet the Merchant past the Quarry area, you'll see a ladder. Climb down and look at the jetty to the right.
  • Backtrack: It's possible to return here as long as you haven't opened the Church gate using the Insignia Key in Chapter 5.
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Chapter 4: Forest Altar/Lakeside Settlement

  • Location: Use the Insignia Key on the gate off to the side of the Lakeside Settlement. It'll lead you to the Forest Altar area, where you can shoot this object behind the wooden fence.
  • Backtrack: If you forgot to destroy the Clockwork Castellan in Chapter 1, now would be a good time to do so. Again, don't just head straight to the Church.
Forest Altar/Lakeside Settlement Clockwork CastellanForest Altar/Lakeside Settlement Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 5: Village Chief's House

  • Location: You'll go to this location earlier in the campaign, and you'll notice a ladder in the second-floor bedroom. Revisit this place once Ashley is with you, and boost her up.
  • Backtrack: As long as you don't go to the Villa immediately, you'll be fine. Also, you might as well tackle the Savage Mutt request while you're at it.
Village Chief's House Clockwork CastellanVillage Chief's House Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 6: Checkpoint

  • Location: Past the merchant and the first work area, you'll see a shed along a cliffside path. This Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan is on the opposite cliff. It might be hard to see due to the bonfire.
  • Backtrack: It won't be possible to return to this location, as this path leads to the Mendez boss fight and the Castle zone.
Checkpoint Clockwork CastellanCheckpoint Clockwork Castellan

Castle Clockwork Castellans

Chapter 7: Treasury

  • Location: This is an unbelievably long chapter, which will lead to the Dungeon and a battle against a Garrador. After that, you'll enter a room filled with jugs and other supplies. The Clockwork Castellan is on a shelf. If you reach the Sword Puzzle, then you've gone too far.
  • Backtrack: The best time to return here would be in Chapter 12, as long as you don't ride the elevator at the top of the Clock Tower.
Treasury Clockwork CastellanTreasury Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 8: Castle Battlements

  • Location: This Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan can be found on the right-hand side tower from the ramparts where you initially see the second El Gigante boss. Don't bother grabbing it yet while the boss is alive, as you'll have to continuously avoid its thrown boulders. Instead, make your way to the left so you can use the cannon to blow it up. Once it's dead, you can go back to the previous ramparts segment, though you still need to fight a few cultists.
  • Backtrack: If you forgot about this one, then you can come back during Chapter 12, as long as you don't ride the elevator at the top of the Clock Tower.
Castle Battlements Clockwork CastellanCastle Battlements Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 9: Courtyard

  • Location: Once you reach the Courtyard maze, head to the middle and follow the looping path as it leads you to the northwest corner. The item is behind some crates.
  • Backtrack: Again, backtracking once you reach Chapter 12 would be a good idea.
Courtyard Clockwork CastellanCourtyard Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 10: Underground Tunnel

  • Location: After escaping The Depths, you'll reach a sewer area with a small Merchant hub. Look across from the Merchant's spot and you'll see this hanging above the grate.
  • Backtrack: Once you trigger the Verdugo boss fight, you won't be able to backtrack to this location anymore.
Underground Tunnel Clockwork CastellanUnderground Tunnel Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 11: Mines

  • Location: After clearing the El Gigante Duo battle, Leon and Luis will reach a mine shaft. The two will then ride a cart, eventually reaching the Stopover area. Enter the house and check the wood panel along the roof to find this (it's close to the treasure chest on the balcony).
  • Backtrack: Once you ride the second mine cart, you won't be able to go back here.
Mines Clockwork CastellanMines Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 12: Clock Tower

  • Location: After a long trek, Leon will be back at the opposite side of the Ballroom, which has a Merchant hub and a Gondola. You can ride it to the Clock Tower's lower level. There, you'll be able to shoot this object, which is on a box in a nook.
  • Backtrack: You can go back and forth between the Clock Tower and the Castle's main area using the Gondola. In fact, as long as you keep a manual save at the Merchant's spot, you can revisit most of the other areas to see what you might have missed. However, again, once you ride the elevator at the top of the Clock Tower, you won't be able to go back to the lower level, let alone the Castle's main area.
Clock Tower Clockwork CastellanClock Tower Clockwork Castellan

Island Clockwork Castellans

Chapter 13: Wharf (North)

  • Location: Past the Wharf section, you'll go through several tunnels until you arrive at a loading bay (which happens to have another soldier with a rocket launcher). Take out the hostiles, then look for this object near a forklift, truck, and treasure chest.
  • Backtrack: If you drop down off to the side of the Holding Cell, you won't be able to go back up.
Wharf Clockwork CastellanWharf Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 14: Amber Storeroom/Campsite

  • Location: Leon and Ashley will trudge along until they ride the lift to the Amber Storeroom. There's a cutscene that plays when you touch the large chunk of amber, and Leon will be able to open the metal doors. Follow the looping path until you see a small control room.
  • Backtrack: You can return here as long as you do not enter the metal door/crank door inside the Specimen Storage building in Chapter 15.
Amber Storeroom Clockwork CastellanAmber Storeroom Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 15: Specimen Storage

  • Location: The Cliffside Ruins area has the last set of Blue Medallions and, past that, there's the Specimen Storage building. The Clockwork Castellan is on the ceiling in the small room inside this building.
  • Backtrack: If you rotate the crank and go through the metal door, you won't be able to backtrack to the previous areas of the Island.
Specimen Storage Clockwork CastellanSpecimen Storage Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 16: Finale Escape Sequence

  • Location: This is the last Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan in the campaign. Fittingly enough, you'll stumble upon it after you beat the game's final boss, Lord Saddler. There's a finale section where you only have a little over two minutes to escape. At one point, an infected will grab Leon, and he'll get pushed away. The room beyond has this collectible, sitting on a crate behind a green forklift.
  • Backtrack: If you miss this one, then we hope that you did a manual save at the Merchant's spot just before the final boss. You'll have to battle Lord Saddler again so you can redo the escape sequence.
Finale Escape Sequence Clockwork CastellanFinale Escape Sequence Clockwork Castellan

The Primal Knife

Once you've destroyed all 16 Clockwork Castellans, you'll complete the Revolution Wind-Up challenge. Moreover, you can unlock the Resident Evil 4 Primal Knife by buying it in the Bonus Content Shop for 1,000 completion points.

The Resident Evil 4 Primal Knife has average power and great durability, but what makes it special is its unique perk. Once you've fully boosted it, or if you use a Weapon Upgrade Ticket, you'll make it indestructible. It won't break no matter how many times you slash, stab, and parry with it. This is useful if you're planning on doing "Knife Only" runs.

Get the Primal Knife's unique perk so you can have a melee weapon that will never break.Get the Primal Knife's unique perk so you can have a melee weapon that will never break.

Resident Evil 4 has more mechanics and secrets for you to discover. You can learn more in our guides hub.

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