Random: Some Rare Fans Are Upset About The Latest Switch Online Announcement

2 months ago 66

"Rare Replay should have been announced on Switch"

Rare ReplayImage: Xbox, Rare

The latest Partner Showcase from Nintendo was packed with all sorts of surprises and another standout announcement was the news five more classic Rare games would be coming to the Switch Online service.

These titles cover games like Killer Instinct and Blast Corps, and while it's welcome news for Switch's subscribers, it seems this announcement hasn't gone down so well with certain individuals hoping to see Xbox's Rare Replay collection one day show up on Nintendo hardware.

Between the latest retro announcements and existing releases like Banjo-Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini, some Rare enthusiasts are convinced the company's classic compilation won't be coming to Switch. Here are just some of the responses doing the rounds online:

Keep in mind Microsoft or Nintendo never actually said anything about this collection being made available on other platforms. Even if it did, some fans have been quick to note how there would likely be some hurdles to overcome.

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