Random: DOOM Co-Creator John Romero Reveals Hellish Way 'Gib' is Properly Pronounced

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John Romero is going to make you say "gib" correctly

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The father of the first-person shooter, John Romero, has settled a debate we didn't even know existed, definitively proving why you should never ask questions you aren't prepared to hear the answers to; we regret to inform you that you have mostly likely been pronouncing "gib" wrong.

"Gib" is a term in FPS-speak that means to blow apart an opponent's body, to reduce them to their component pieces in a withering hail of gunfire, until nothing but bloody giblets remain—gold star to any who can see where this one is going. Unwittingly opening Pandora's box, Romero was asked by Twitter user Brian Reynolds: "Is the 'g' in 'gibs' hard like in 'goober gobble' or soft like 'ginormous gentleman'?

His response may shock and alarm you. Romero fatefully decreed that: "Gibs is pronounced with a soft 'g' like in 'giblets,' the word from which it originates, or 'gentleman.'"

We still haven't quite recovered from the creator of the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) suggesting that those funny little videos we like so much should be referred to as "jiffs" despite the passage of over a decade. Romero knew exactly what he was doing here; we suspect this was payback for Daikatana.

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