PS5 vs PS5 Slim: Which One Should You Choose in India?

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The original PS5 Disk version is currently available at a discounted price of 44,990 INR, making it 10,000 INR cheaper than the new PS5 Slim Disk version.

Besides being smaller and lighter, the PS5 Slim version does not provide any significant upgrades over the original model.

Since its debut in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has remained one of the most sought-after consoles of this generation, boasting several high-quality AAA games in its catalog. Despite entering the latter half of its life cycle, its popularity continues to rise.

Recently, Sony introduced the new PS5 Slim variant to the Indian market alongside offering huge discounts for the original PS5 through the “Summer Promo” sale. If you are torn between the regular and the Slim variant of the PlayStation 5, here's everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision.

Should You Get the PS5 or the PS5 Slim in India?

The PlayStation 5 Slim variant hit the Indian store shelves on 5th April through various retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital Store, Croma, Sony Centers, and more. The PS5 Slim Disk edition is priced at 55,490 INR while the PS5 Slim Digital edition costs 44,990 INR.

In addition to the new variants, Sony continues to sell the original Disk and Digital versions of the PS5 until stocks last. Moreover, with the introduction of the Summer Promo sale, you can find the CFI - 1208A01R model (Original PS5 Disk) at just 44,990 INR until 30th April. This means users who opt to purchase the older PS5 will get a massive discount of 10,000 INR.

What Are the Major Differences Between the PS5 and PS5 Slim?

As the name suggests, the new PS5 Slim is noticeably smaller than the original PS5’s towering stature. While the original PS5 weighs in at 4.5 kg, the slim version comes in at just 3.2 kg, making it ideal for those with limited space. This has been a common theme with most PlayStation consoles since the PS2, with Sony releasing a slimmer and lighter variant after its initial launch.

Both the Disk and Digital versions of the PS5 Slim come with 1TB of storage, out of which around 850 GB remains usable. This is a significant difference improvement over the original PS5 which only has an 825 GB SSD, out of which around 660 GB is accessible. Additionally, the PS5 Slim features a detachable disk drive, which makes it a lot easier to replace in case of failure.

Additionally, users of the PS5 Slim Digital can add a disk drive to their system later, offering versatility compared to the original models. The new PS5 Slim also sees changes in its port selection, replacing the USB Type-A port with a USB Type-C port. Besides these, no additional changes or improvements have been made to the hardware of the PS5 Slim.

So Which One Should You Buy?

For those unconcerned with the size and the limited internal storage of the original PS5, it still delivers an exceptional gaming experience at an attractive cost. Besides its current price tag of 44, 990 INR, you can also get numerous EMI options and other offers that can further bring down the price, making it a worthy investment for Indian Gamers.

However, if space is a significant concern and you have no plans on storage expansion anytime soon, the PS5 Slim presents a compelling option. For most users though, the original PS5 would be the value-for-money purchase, regardless of being an older model.

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