PS5 Pro specs leak video taken down by Sony

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The video that initially leaked the specs for the as-yet unannounced PlayStation 5 Pro console has been taken down by Sony.

Documentation explaining the console’s specifications was first leaked by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead last month.

The information was subsequently verified by IGN, which said the document came from Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s Developer Network.

However, as spotted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, the video by Moore’s Law is Dead is now offline, with a message saying it “is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Interactive Entertainment”.

It’s not yet clear why the video has been taken down – although it may be easy to come to the conclusion that Sony is trying to prevent leaks of its confidential information, it could be due to something else, such as the use of copyrighted material in the video triggering a content match, resulting in either a manual or automated takedown request.

Moore’s Law is Dead has yet to comment on the video’s takedown, or share information on the reasons for the request. This article will be updated should he do so.

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The video, citing internal Sony documentation, suggested that the PS5 Pro’s CPU will be identical to that of the standard PS5, but that the new console will have a ‘High CPU Frequency Mode’ which increases the CPU by 10% to 3.85GHz, but reduces GPU performance by around 1% as a result.

The GPU itself will be powered by 33.5 teraflops versus the PS5’s 10.28 teraflops, but this doesn’t mean it will be more than three times as powerful.

As The Verge noted at the time, changes in AMD’s architecture means it’s difficult to directly compare teraflops directly between PS5 and PS5 Pro, and that in reality the comparison is more like 10.28 versus around 17 teraflops (indeed, the documentation leaked by Moore’s Law is Dead suggests “rendering is about 45% faster”).

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