Project Awakening Still Exists, Six Years After Its Stunning PS4 Reveal

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Project Awakening

Okay, who remembers Project Awakening? First revealed way back in September 2018 — for PS4 — it's an action RPG from Granblue Fantasy developer Cygames. That initial trailer, which debuted during a PlayStation showcase, garnered a lot of attention because of how next-gen it looked. In fact, it looked so impressive that many people questioned its authenticity.

Project Awakening then went missing for a few months, before a trademark for 'Project Awakening: Arise' appeared in early 2019. At the time, it was suggested that this trademark was pointing towards some kind of demo or beta release, but nothing actually came of it.

The title resurfaced at E3 2019 — where it was confirmed to be an open world adventure — but after that, we got another trademark sighting, and things went dark for a full year or so. Finally, Project Awakening returned via a Cygames tech showcase in November 2021... and it's been missing in action ever since.

At this point, everyone's sceptical of Project Awakening ever being released as an actual video game, but it does still exist in an official capacity, believe it or not. This is according to the latest financial results of CyberAgent — Cygames' parent company — which lists Project Awakening as a title under 'Future Plans' (as spotted by Gematsu).

The document has Project Awakening down as a 'console' release, complete with a 'TBD' launch date. So, somewhere deep within Cygames, this thing is still alive. Whether it's in active development is a different question entirely, but CyberAgent clearly hasn't forgotten about it.

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