Poro in League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know

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Poros are small, round, four-legged creatures, often seen on Howling Abyss in League of Legends. These adorable creatures run around the map, hoping players will drop them poro-snax and can even be spotted perched on the walls and pillars that line the bridge. They have been part of Runeterra lore for a long time now, released in 2012 with the debut of Howling Abyss. Let’s look at where poros came from, how you can interact with them and more.

What is a poro in League of Legends?

Poros are small furballs found around Runeterra. They usually have white fur, having adapted to the cold climate of the Freljord. Poros have large, beady eyes and have a pair of tiny horns on their head which perk up when excited and droop down when scared. They have heart-shaped underbellies because they're made of love. 

How to feed poros in League of Legends?

Every player starts with a Poro-Snax in their trinket slot on Howling Abyss. You can feed a poro a poro-snax by activating the trinket slot while near one. While you cannot buy additional snax, the first turret kill grants all team members an additional Poro-Snax. 

How many poros are there in League of Legends?

There are numerous poros in the Freljord and spread across Runeterra, it is unclear how many exactly. 

Can I change poros in League of Legends?

You can feed a poro a poro-snax to make them grow 2.35 times in size. If you feed a single poro 10 poro-snax, it will explode, generating eight small poros. 

How to equip a poro in League of Legends?

You cannot equip poros in-game. However, Riot has released several poro-themed summoner icons for special events. These can be equipped from the in-game client, via the summoner icon selection menu. 

Didn't receive the pirate poro summoner icon in League of Legends, how do I get one?

Unfortunately, the Pirate Poro icon was only available as an exclusive during the Curse of the Drowned event back in 2018. These are some poro-themed icons currently available in the shop.

Does ghost poro count towards vision score league of legends?

No, the ghost poro does not count towards vision score in League of Legends.

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