Poll: Skull & Bones Players, What Do You Think Of The Game So Far?

2 months ago 55

It's all gone quiet on the high seas

 Skull & Bones Players, What Do You Think Of The Game So Far?

After years of delays, Ubisoft finally delivered Skull & Bones to the world just over a month ago. The game released to somewhat disappointing reviews (a 63 on Metacritic for Xbox), but we also saw plenty of positivity from its playerbase.

And then... nothing. From our perspective at least, it feels like Skull & Bones has very much blended into the background over the past few weeks, quietly sailing along without any real fanfare or criticism directed towards it.

Taking a look at the game's Reddit community, it's still pretty active and has plenty of feedback being shared by its fans, and don't forget that Ubisoft apparently achieved "record player engagement" with Skull & Bones at launch, so it's clearly not dead in the water. That said, we haven't seen it in the "Top Paid" Xbox charts for quite some time.

So, we're very interested to know what Skull & Bones players currently think about the state of the game in late March 2024. Is it an underrated gem that deserves more love, or do you think it'll be walking the plank before long?

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