Play Together has added the CeREELs Studio to Kaia Island after partnering with Chungdahm Media

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Haegin, developers of the popular casual mobile social network game, Play Together have announced a new partnership with Chungdahm Media. This new collaboration will see the addition of CeREELs Studio. They work with independent musicians, artists, and studios to create diverse and inclusive content.

And now, CeREELs Studio has its own office set up in Play Together’s Kaia Island. Players will find it in the Downton Area, where the NPC, Bird, will help everyone get familiar with the new place. Within the studio, visitors will find moving objects inspired by characters that the studio created.

Players will also see animated shorts of three of their popular artists – Ella Gator, Three Eyes, and Halley & the Comets. Pictures on display there will showcase the universe these characters are from. Figures of the titular artist from Ella Gator, Ella, and Mu from Three Eyes will be featured in-game.


But they’re not just figurines kept on display. On activation, they can also perform actions like singing or breathing fire. And of course, loads of events and missions have also been prepared for everyone. Those to go the first time will also receive a souvenir t-shirt that carries the CeREELs logo on it.

This collaboration between Haegin and Chungdahm isn’t just a one-off. The two aim to move beyond the confine of games and give players a metaverse-centric experience filled with wonderful animation and characters. Even on Kaia Island itself, the CeREELs Studio will constantly be updated to feature more content.

You can check out more about CeREELs Studio and its offering by checking out its official website and YouTube channel. Visit the studio in-game by downloading Play Together now for free using either of the links below.

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