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Grounded is coming up on its fourth birthday, and it’s come a remarkably long way since it first appeared: updates have added loads of new features, made it easier to share, and even made it a Steam Deck mainstay. Its latest update, 1.4, is out now – and to celebrate, developer Obsidian is running a free weekend on Steam.

Grounded is basically the survival game version of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” You’re a kid who’s been miniaturized down to ant scale in your own backyard, and to figure out how to fix this, you’ll need to use every advantage you’ve got. First though, you’ll need to survive – and that means using twigs, leaves, and anything else you can find in the forest you once called the lawn to create shelter, weapons, and tools.

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The 1.4 update is called Fully Yoked, and there’s a lot in it. In addition to features like New Game+ and cross-play between PC and consoles, there are new in-world characters to encounter and things to do. For instance, each of Grounded’s three ant colonies now has a queen, and you’ll have to decide how to handle each one. You can play it straight and help them out, or betray them – although Obsidian says this can have surprising effects across the rest of the backyard.

Head to the Grounded Steam page to try it out this weekend. If you enjoy it enough to buy, it’s currently 40% off the usual price, at $23.99 / £20.99.

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