PewDiePie Finally Breaks Silence On Recent Twitch Suspension

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PewDiePie received a Twitch suspension earlier this month. With speculation rife, the content creator has now broken his silence on the reason behind it. 

When PewDiePie’s Twitch account mysteriously disappeared on May 8, fans were wondering what exactly he had done. Especially considering he was not live-streaming at the time. Instead, for the months running up to the suspension, he was streaming an endless loop of his old Youtube videos. 

Although not technically breaking Twitch’s rules, it was still a unique way of using the streaming platform with some believing this was the reason behind the suspension. 

PewDiePie Finally Breaks His Silence

Now a few weeks on, the internet personality addressed the suspension as well as the rumours circulating around a possible hacking situation. This news comes courtesy of Dexerto.

Despite the ban only lasting for three days, it was enough to make headlines. Even more so now that PewDiePie himself has admitted even he doesn’t know the reason for the ban. However, he believes it may be related to some content he had shown from 2017. 

“It’s really cool, because Twitch — just like YouTube — doesn’t say what made you banned, so I don’t know,” he said in a YouTube video posted on May 25. “I probably shouldn’t have been streaming the videos from 2017, but hey. It was a weird time.”

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YouTube video

Why show old content?

In the same video, PewDiePie explained his reasoning behind showing old Youtube content as opposed to live-streaming. He puts this down to an “experiment” aimed at giving his fans a way to “connect” over his old videos.

“Everyone thought I was hacked first, because we were doing a 24/7 live stream on Twitch just for fun. I thought it could be a good way to make people have the chat and watch videos together, and it’s there if people want it,” he explained.

Fans of his will be happy to know his Twitch account is back up and running. The reason behind the ban may never be fully known but the creator seems safe… for now.

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