Persona 5: The Phantom X, an upcoming new entry into the popular Persona JRPG franchise, reveals some details in its first trailer

1 year ago 129
Almost out of nowhere, developer Perfect World Games announced via popular Japanese gaming outlet Gematsu that the next entry into the extremely popular Persona JRPG franchise will come in the form of a mobile game! Persona 5: The Phantom X is set within the same universe as Persona 5, though it may be a new original story with a new group of protagonists too. This announcement is a bit of a shock, as The Phantom X was basically not led onto at all, and instead seemed to come out of the blue. Still, it’s a welcome shock, as Persona fans have been long hungry for more content since Persona 5 launched way back when. Even with the recent ports of the older games, new content was sparse, so it’s awesome to see the world of The Phantom Thieves continue on! ... [MORE]
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