Persona 3 Reload's Seriously Slick Soundtrack Is Now Available to Stream

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Bangers from the Dark Hour

Persona 3 Reload Soundtrack

The full Persona 3 Reload soundtrack is now available on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Spanning 62 songs across 2 hours and 15 minutes, the soundtrack is one heck of ride, made up of immaculately smooth beats and rousing battle themes. We can't recommend it enough.

To be clear, the Reload soundtrack is largely based on the original Persona 3's music, but many of the songs have been remastered and remixed, primarily with new vocals. Reload's soundtrack tends to be more... refined, ditching some of the crunchier guitars and drums that are present in Persona 3. We think these changes gel better with the remake itself, given how neat and tidy its presentation is — but we can also see why some fans may like the original tracks better.

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