Optimus Prime is coming to Fortnite, leak suggests

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Volcanoes, raptors, and racing, oh my!

Optimus Prime arrives in Fortnite u/Ambushments

Optimus Prime is making his way to Fortnite.

That's according to a new leak that backs up the report with what's claimed to be a screenshot of a loading screen proving that a Transformer crossover event is on the way.

Miles Morales swung into Fortnite earlier this week.

It's just one of a slew of rumours that are currently circulating, though, and gives credence to prior leaks that Chapter 4 Season 3 may include a tropical biome courtesy of the jungle-esque backdrop included in the screenshot.

Fortnite leaker Hypex adds more detail, too; along with the tropical biome players could additionally expect a desert and volcanic area, along with rideable raptors that "now get exhausted", and summer Meowscles and Mechanic skins.

Optimus Prime coming to Fortnite next season.
by u/Ambushments in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Racing is also in the cards courtesy of a "racing mode with Speed Objects, Cosmetics, Car Garage, Sky/Ground Race Tracks and the default car is a new Supercar," Hypex claims.

There'll also be "14 Days of Summer" events called "Propping" and "Mural" – I'll leave you to decide what those may entail – a new Mythic Drum Shotgun, and the return of Level Action & Infantry Rifle.


- Fortnite x Transformers Collab with an Optimus Prime skin.
- A Summer Meowscles skin, and a Mechanic skin.
- Rideable Raptors that now get exhausted.
- Tropical Biome and with most likely a Desert area, and a volcanic area, as it's been leaked multiple… pic.twitter.com/6YFkqNOluf

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) May 28, 2023

Will Optimus Prime be the only Transformer? Possibly not. But other leakers like ShiinaBR thinks he will be included in the Battle Pass and is probably not the secret skin that's long been rumoured – some think that's more likely going to be an original character.

Thankfully, we don't have too long to wait to find out which of these rumours will be true – the current season is set to end on 9th June, 2023.

ICYMI, two Spider-Men joined Fortnite earlier this week, including fan-favourite Miles Morales in his Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse guise. Joining him is Spider-Man 2099 - aka Irish-Mexican Spidey-person Miguel O'Hara.

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