Not sure what movie to watch this weekend? Leave a comment, we’ll help

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We love movie recommendations here at Polygon. Whether it’s horror, sci-fi, action, comedy, thrillers, or just the best of the year, we’re always trying to introduce readers to new and exciting movies they’ll love. But now we want to find the perfect movie for you. (That’s you.)

Each Thursday on Polygon we’ll have an open thread dedicated to helping you, our dear readers, find the perfect watch for this weekend. Looking for a sci-fi movie that will make you contemplate the wonders (or horrors) of the world? We’ve got you. Looking to brush up on world cinema? What about some comfort food? We’ve got you there, too.

From 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, I will be in the comments section down below answering your questions and fielding requests for what you should watch this weekend. This is also a great place to share what you’ve been watching, if you want to talk about that with your fellow Polygon readers! Participation is very welcome, even without questions.

A little bit about me, your curator for this week: I’m Pete Volk, our senior curation editor. I love movies of all stripes, but my main areas of interest are action movies (especially martial arts), classic Hollywood comedies (shout out to the GOAT, Ernst Lubitsch), and keeping up with new releases from around the world (I’ve tallied 154 2023 movies watched and 18 from 2024 so far).

Last week, I watched the new Road House, The People’s Joker, Land of Bad, and Baby Assassins 2 Babies. I also finished The Gentlemen, caught up on Game Changer, Invincible, Abbott Elementary, and Delicious in Dungeon, and started the new season of Physical: 100. It was a good week — all were some degree of enjoyable, though I’m not as won over by the new Road House as others I’ve talked to.

Now it’s time to turn it around to you. What would you like to watch this weekend (or what are you planning to watch)? Leave a request in the comments and I’ll get to it between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST. Details help — let me know what you’re looking for, some idea of your taste as a viewer, and any other relevant info you feel like sharing (like the streaming services you have access to).

Some examples of good queries from last week, which was very Shōgun-themed:

See you in the comments at 3:30 p.m. EST! Fire away your requests in the meantime.

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