Smell Like Mario And Luigi With Lush's Mario-Inspired Soaps And Shower Gels

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Lush and Nintendo have unexpectedly collaborated to make a Super Mario-themed line of limited-edition bathing products. There's a total of eight products, some of them character-themed and some object-themed.

The Luigi shower gel is crisp, green apple, and the Mario shower gel is uh, cola-scented. It's not exactly what first comes to mind when thinking of Luigi and Mario, but there is no game lore commenting on what the duo's scents are--so really, who's to say Mario doesn't smell like cola?

Lush's collaboration with The Super Mario Bros. movieLush's collaboration with The Super Mario Bros. movie

Other products include a Princess Peach body spray and jelly that are, fittingly, peach-scented with a hint of pineapple. Lush also made question block bath bombs, along with a soap bar shaped like a golden coin.

As of writing this, the Princess Peach body spray, Luigi shower gel, and the golden coin soap are all sold out. The stock situation is unknown, but if you really want to lather yourself in the smell of success (the golden coin soap bar), you can check the site again later to see if the products are back.

The Super Mario Bros. movie will be in theaters on April 5. The final trailer was released on March 10, and for more information, check out everything we know about The Super Mario Bros. Ahead of the film's release, select Mario games are also discounted by $20.

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