Random: Bitmap Is Bringing Xeno Crisis To N64 And GameCube

5 months ago 59

"This is no joke"

Xeno Crisis - Nintendo 64Image: Bitmap Bureau

April Fools' Day has been one heck of a minefield this year, with some video game companies going an extra step by actually releasing a real product.

With this in mind, Xeno Crisis developers Bitmap Bureau have announced they'll be bringing the retro-inspired shooter to the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. And yes, it's not a joke! We've seen this Kickstarter release on all sorts of platforms already - including Switch and now pre-orders are live on these classic Nintendo systems.

It'll set you back £55.00 on N64 and £30.00 on GameCube (or your regional equivalent) and will begin shipping in the next 3 - 4 weeks (late April 2023), with manufacturing already complete.

You can also select the region version you would like (note: both versions are region-free but there are some restrictions with the N64 version). It even comes with an instruction manual! You can learn more about this game in our review.

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