Puzzle & Dragons re-releases collaboration with Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai featuring new heroes

2 months ago 36
GungHo is back with their monthly collaboration for their hit match-3 mobile game, Puzzle & Dragons. This time, it is Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, which is returning for yet another crossover event. The forces of light and dark go up against each other once more during this collab event, which is set to run until April 10th. The army of demons is resuming its conquest in Puzzle & Dragons and players must recruit the warriors from the Kingdom of Carl for battle. Just by launching the game, everyone will receive Avan’s Disciple, Dai for free. The Adventure of Dai Egg Machine makes its return too, bringing old and new faces from the series like Lon Beruk, Flora, Albinass, and Sigma. ... [MORE]
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