New Steam game is Fallout Shelter with wizards, and you can try it now

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Fallout Shelter was a decent enough concept but hampered by its execution. The idea that players would enjoy a full game that takes The Sims and Two Point Hospital or Planet Zoo’s simulation design and boils it down to the more simplistic management approach of XCOM’s strategy layer or a game like This War of Mine is a smart one, though Fallout Shelter was let down by its F2P design. Now, however, indie studio RodentGames has picked up the idea, reworked it through a fantasy framework, and put the result out as a game called Artificer’s Tower that’s currently available at a discount on Steam.

Artificer’s Tower is a management game made by a one person studio that launched last week. The player’s main goal is to build and take charge of a tower base that serves as the headquarters for a group of cartoon mages threatened by enemies that regularly attack their home. This involves not just constructing the design of the tower but also taking care of the mages’ wages (say that three times fast) and education in order to make the base thrive.

Players also need to learn how to craft simple to advanced items and create traps (or summon previously defeated monsters) to stop enemies from being able to destroy their base, which adds an extra tower defense wrinkle to the management game’s design.

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Artificer’s Tower is 20% off from now until Thursday April 25th on Steam, making it $11.99 USD / £10.23. There’s also a demo available. You can download that or grab a copy by clicking right here.

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