Neural Cloud offers up some free handouts and gorgeous new art in honour of its six-month anniversary

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Neural Cloud offers up some free handouts and gorgeous new art in honour of its six-month anniversary

The popular auto battler quasi-sequel to Girls Frontline, Neural Cloud, has revealed a new small giveaway for all players to celebrate half a year in service. Alongside some new art featuring fan-favorite characters, this giveaway is also handing out some free rewards for all players regardless of level or status in-game.

Neural Cloud has remained a pretty successful game since launching 6 months ago, introducing a new form of gacha gaming that not a lot of genre competitors indulge in. This is thanks to its auto battler style of gameplay, yes, but is also credited towards the way it mixes in some roguelike elements too. While the likes of AFK Arena and others have introduced gacha gamers to idle battle games, it’s quite rare to see different modifiers that change up every time you play the game.

Dear Professor,
Thank you for your hard work over the past half year!
Time really flies with you around. Do keep up the good work!?? #NeuralCloud #halfanniversary — Neural Cloud-EN Official????0.5 Year Anni. (@NeuralCloudEN) May 21, 2023

Add in the fact that story-wise, it is semi-related to Girls Frontline, another decently successful gacha game, and the fanbase was already there. It acts as somewhat of a sequel to Girls Frontline, but the lore gets complicated, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. Still, even if you never played Girls Frontline yourself, you can hop into Neural Cloud just fine and fall in love with the excellent character writing and unique combat mechanics.

While the Twitter post isn’t clear on what rewards are being handed out for the anniversary, it does give out a free code to enter on the redemption box within the official website. Alongside this code, there’s also some lovely art which you can see in the post above! I personally haven’t redeemed it yet, but I imagine it’s likely there’s some free premium currency to get rolling on the gacha banners for free in there.

If you want to check it yourself, you can download Neural Cloud for free at either of the links below this article and redeem the code NCHALFANNI on the website to grab it!

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