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Watchmen is getting an animated adaptation later this year, and several versions of the iconic comic are now on sale ahead of its release. Everything from the Watchmen paperback edition to the premium Absolute Watchmen hardcover is on sale, making this a great time to catch up on the action. Several versions of the story have been published over the years--so if you need help sifting through all the current deals, here's a look at the six best Watchmen deals (as well as a deal on Before Watchmen, the popular prequel).

Watchmen (Paperback)

$14 (was $25)

This 414-page graphic novel is arguably the best (and cheapest) way to catch up on the action ahead of the animated movie. It's on sale for $14 (was $25), which is is one of the better prices for the book this year, so be sure to check it out while you can.

Watchmen (Hardcover)

$19 (was $40)

If you want something a bit flashier for your bookshelf, consider stepping up to this hardcover edition. You can get it for just $19 when clipping the coupon code before adding it to your shopping cart, making it just $5 more expensive than the paperback version--though it looks much more premium despite the minor price difference.

Watchmen: Pocket-Sized Edition (Paperback)


This is the DC Compact Comics edition, meaning it's much smaller than the traditional paperback and hardcover copies listed above. But if you need something tiny to pack in your backpack or suitcase, this might be a solid choice. It's $10 at Amazon.

Absolute Watchmen (Hardcover)

$80 (was $140)

The Absolute Watchmen edition is seeing a generous price cut to just $80 (normally $140) right now at Amazon. This is the most premium version of the book available, clocking in at 464 pages, and makes for a great addition to any bookcase or home theater.

Watchmen Noir (Hardcover)

$30 (was $40)

Watchmen Noir is the same story as the above versions, but presented in black and white. If you prefer the gritty look of pencils and ink over the vibrant colors of the other editions, this is the book for you. It's available at Amazon for just $30 (normally $40)

Before Watchmen


Before Watchmen is a prequel series that recounts the events leading up to the Watchmen, offering backstory on the superheroe team from the original comic. There are multiple books in the series, and they're available in paperback or for Kindle. And if you want to pull together all four entries in one tidy collection, consider picking up the giant 997-page Before Watchmen Omnibus, which is just $67 (down from $125).

Whichever version of the classic comic you grab, you'll be able to catch up on the story before the new, two-part Watchmen animated adaptation releases later this year. Part One is set to premiere on August 13, and Part Two is planned for later in 2025. In the meantime, if you're looking for even more DC comics to read, be sure to check out the upcoming DC Finest Collections that are up for preorder, as well as our round-up of all the best Batman graphic novels to read in 2024.

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