Monopoly GO: All Grill and Glory rewards and milestones

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Monopoly GO’s Sunken Treasures dig event is now over, and with it comes the debut of a new recurring tournament, Grill and Glory. During this 24-hour tournament, you’ll compete against other players to score points, climb the leaderboard, and gain dozens of valuable prizes. Here’s the complete list of Grill and Glory rewards.

All Monopoly GO Grill and Glory tournament rewards and milestones

Monopoly GO’s Grill and Glory tournament has 25 rewards you collect by obtaining points. From now until May 27, you can win up to 3,440 dice, five sticker packs, and powerups such as Mega Heist and High Roller. Below is every Grill and Glory tournament reward.

Tournament LevelPoints RequiredRewards
15540 Dice Rolls
240One-Star Sticker Pack
39070 Dice Rolls
4130Five minutes of High Roller
511080 Dice Rolls
7200Two-Star Sticker Pack
825015 minutes of Mega Heist
9225Three-Star Sticker Pack
10275175 Dice Rolls
12400Four-Star Sticker Pack
13375250 Dice Rolls
1550020 minutes of Rent Frenzy
16600375 Dice Rolls
17550Four-Star Sticker Pack
19800500 Dice Rolls
221,300750 Dice Rolls
231,50015 minutes of Cash Grab
252,0001,200 Dice Rolls

Since the Sunken Treasures dig event is over, you won’t find pickaxes in this rewards list. However, you’ll find extra cash prizes and powerups to compensate for this, making it easier to upgrade your landmarks. Outside of this, the dice and sticker pack rewards are similar to previous tournaments, making the point-collecting and prize-grabbing process the same as usual.

Fortunately, you can still use Captain’s Quest banner event rewards to make advancing through Grill and Glory easier. Both end on the same day, allowing you to progress quicker with the extra dice you receive.

How to score points in the Monopoly GO Grill and Glory tournament

Like previous Monopoly GO tournaments, you’ll score points during Grill and Glory by landing on railroad spaces and participating in its minigames. You’ll encounter Landmark Shutdown and Bank Heist minigames, which reward the following points:

  • Shutdown – Blocked: Two points
  • Shutdown – Success: Four points
  • Bank Heist – Small: Four points
  • Bank Heist – Large: Six points
  • Bank Heist – Bankrupt: Eight points

These points increase with your dice multiplier, so watching your supplier and changing your multiplier is important to maximize your points. However, this drains your supply quicker, so using free dice links, banner event rewards, and previous tournament prizes will help you maintain your reserves.

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