Mobile Legends Grock Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

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Grock can be played as an EXP Laner or a Roamer.

Grock's skills can easily trap enemies or block crucial paths to gain the advantage.

Here is a Mobile Legends Grock build guide, including his best items, revamped emblems, Battle Spells, and more.

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Grock build guide will focus on how to optimize the hero’s potential by offering recommendations for items, emblems, and Battle Spells to enhance your gameplay. Having a hero who can lock down enemies easily and prevent them from escaping or joining a fight can be a game-changer in a match. This is why a lot of players are looking to know the best Grock build, revamped emblems as well as how to play him properly. This hero’s item build is also flexible as it gains bonus Physical Defense based on its Physical Attack.

Here is a Mobile Legends Grock build guide, including his best items, revamped emblems, Battle Spells, and more.

Grock skills in Mobile Legends

Here is a quick look at all the abilities of Grock in MLBB;

Passive: Earthen Force

  • When near a wall or turret, Grock gains extra Movement Speed, Physical Defense, and HP Regen.

  • Each point of Grock's extra Physical Attack increases his Physical Defense.

Skill 1: Power of Nature

  • Grock raises his weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing Physical Damage and slowing them. Damage scales with charge time.

  • Stay near to a wall while casting  Power of Nature to become immune to crowd control effects.

Skill 2: Guardian's Barrier

  • Grock releases a shockwave in a designated location, dealing Physical Damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the pathway.

Ultimate: Wild Charge

  • Grock charges in the target direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way. If he hits a wall or turret in the process, he'll deal Physical Damage to nearby enemies and stun them.

Best Grock Build in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Grock build in MLBB;

Best Grock Build in Mobile Legends


  • Tough Boots - Reduces Crowd Control (CC) duration.

  • Antique Cuirass - Reduces Physical Damage of attackers.

  • Dominance Ice - Reduces the healing and shield power of enemies nearby.

  • Athena's Shield - Massive Magic Damage Reduction.

  • Blade Armor - Reduces Critical Damage and returns Basic Attack damage to attackers.

  • Immortality - Free revive when killed in combat.

  • Twilight Armor - Provides a shield when taking massive burst damage.

  • Cursed Helmet - Deals damage to nearby enemies.

Best Grock Emblem in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Grock emblem in MLBB;

Best Grock Emblem in Mobile Legends


  • Tier 1: Agility - Extra Movement Speed.

  • Tier 2: Wilderness Blessing - Bonus Movement Speed while in Jungle and River.

  • Tier 3: Brave Smite - Restore HP when dealing Skill Damage to enemies.

Best Battle Spell for Grock in Mobile Legends

Here are the suggested Battle Spells for Grock in MLBB;

  • Flicker - General use Battle Spell for most heroes.

  • Vengeance - Reflects damage back at attackers and provides Damage Reduction buff.

  • Purify - Not recommended but can counter most heavy-CC enemies.

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