Mini Review: Last Labyrinth (PSVR2) - Tediously Torturous Escape Room Experience

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Last Labyrinth is a unique escape room experience, and not in a good way. You're strapped into a wheelchair with very limited manoeuvrability. With only head movements available to you and a laser pointer attached to the middle of your forehead, you must guide a young girl through a labyrinth of puzzles and ultimately escape this torturous maze.

There's a range of puzzles to be solved — Simon Says puzzles, Cut the Rope-esque conundrums, reflecting light with mirrors — the majority being relatively simple. However, a few feel almost impossible due to the lack of logical solutions and lack of guidance. In one room, you must get the girl to open and close a desk drawer four times in a row before she becomes irritated and knocks a vase over — the solution makes no logical sense. In another, you're faced with a board game that turns out to be Doubutsu Shogi, a popular Japanese game similar to chess, but with no explanation of this in-game, we were completely stumped.

The most tedious thing wasn't being unable to complete puzzles, but instead not being able to do them ourselves. The gimmick of using a laser to guide the girl around the room just doesn't work. She moves in what feels like slow-motion, and requires confirmation with a nod or shake of your head for every item interaction. If that wasn't bad enough, it sometimes doesn't register your head movement, and the girl just stares blankly at you, the same way you'll stare at her speaking her gobbledegook language.

The entire game is very short, lasting about 15 minutes a run, consisting of just a handful of puzzle rooms along branching paths before you're presented with one of several endings. This means that often you'll have to repeat paths and redo puzzles you know the solutions to just to reach a single new challenge. Should you fail a puzzle, it'll activate a torture scene in which both the girl and you meet an untimely demise. All the torturous scenes are just as unpleasant as each other and make restarting the already tediously long puzzles even lengthier.

Last Labyrinth fails to provide an enjoyable VR experience. Unless you are a sadist who takes pleasure in witnessing a little girl get brutally murdered, we'd suggest you give this one a miss.

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