Mario Bath Bomb Makes Your Bath Water Look Like Pee

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Lush collaborated with Nintendo on a line of Mario-themed bathing products, and that could've been the end of the story. But unfortunately, intrepid consumers who purchased and tried some of the products have made an important discovery about the question block bath bomb: It's very yellow. So yellow that it looks like pee.

So that's it! That's the news! If you elect to buy the question block bath bomb just know that it will leave your bath water a very peculiar color. Otherwise, it is a pretty cool product. You'll randomly get one of six Mario-themed soap bars in each bath bomb, ranging from mini mushroom soaps to a golden coin soap bar.

There's other non-yellow bathing and shower products part of the collaboration, like a Mario-themed cola-smelling shower gel and a Princess Peach body spray.

In Mario-related news that has no pee in it (probably), The Super Mario Bros. movie arrives in theaters on April 5. It's the first Mario movie since the ill-received 1993 Super Mario Bros. move--widely panned at the time but probably now a cult title for those who are into bad-but-so-good movies. The Super Mario Bros. movie trailer seems to show a pretty straightforward storyline: Mario needs to help Princess Peach fight Bowser.

If you're wondering when the next Mario game is, Shigeru Miyamoto responded to the question with an open statement. "We're always working on Mario." He said to IGN. "So when we get to a time where we can share information, we'll certainly do so."

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