LoL game Project L will get “last update” before revealing real title

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Tom Cannon has teased the mysterious League of Legends game with the working title Project L will receive one last update before light is shed on its real name. Keep a keen eye on social media, as things are about to get interesting.

Cannon, who is the executive producer for Project L and the face of many previous insights, shared the news on Riot Game’s upcoming fighting game with intrigued League of Legends fans on February 21.

On X (formerly known as Twitter) he says, “Hey folks, Tomorrow (for real) we’ll drop a quick Project L update. It will also be the last Project L update, because we’re announcing our actual name and social channels. See you then!”

Tom Cannon's X post about Project L

The time for mystery is over, and Riot is finally ready to reveal the game’s real title and begin sharing goodies on social media. While nothing is live yet, we imagine accounts across all the popular platforms are ready to go up when the title is announced.

We’re estimating that the Project L release date isn’t too far in the future, and as such, we might even see new gameplay or a first trailer to complement the unveilings. The upcoming 2D fighting game featuring LoL champions like Ahri, Darius, and Jinx had a playable demo at EVO 2023, and Riot has shared development progress over the last few years.

Set in Runeterra, Project L will feel familiar to players who enjoy 2D fighters — models have a polished cartoon look, while painterly backdrops that look straight out of Netflix’s Arcane series are what your matchups are set against. Combos and movesets flow beautifully in Riot’s dev diary videos, which show off the mechanics and character animations.

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We’re excited to get our hands on it. Until then, fill the void with the best MOBAs on PC or get some insights on champions with our League of Legends tier list.

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