Legendary PC adventure game gets new details ahead of remake launch

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If there was one game that everyone with a desktop PC seemed to own in the ’90s it was Myst. Cyan’s puzzler took cues from point and click adventure games like LucasArts’ Maniac Mansion and Sierra Entertainment’s King’s Quest but presented its world through a first person perspective and early 3D visuals that were, at the time, wildly impressive. Its 1997 sequel Riven: The Sequel to Myst was another landmark, which makes its upcoming remake an exciting prospect for both returning and new players. Now, after not having heard much about the project since it was first announced, creator Cyan Worlds has just shared new details about its work.

The Riven remake is a pretty substantial overhaul of the classic puzzle game. Cyan Worlds has recreated the original in Unreal Engine 5, tweaking its puzzles — a relief to those of us who got stuck on so many of them before — while still working to keep the spirit of the 1997 version intact.

As part of this balancing act, Riven is keeping its original voice acting in place for characters like Gehn, Nelah, Keta, and Gehn’s Guard while also adding in new actors. These include actor Shannon Woodward (The Last of Us Part 2, Westworld) and journalist, author, and voice actor Ronan Farrow (The Wind Rises, From Up on Poppy Hill) who will play newly added characters. Actor and comedian Lauren Gamiel is set to perform motion capture and voice acting for the character of Catherine while Russell Webster will be the motion capture actor for Gehn.

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Riven’s remake will be available in both traditional ‘flat’ and VR versions when it launches this year.

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