Legacy Piece codes April 2024

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Latest update16th Apr 2024 / 9:30 pm

There’s a new Legacy Piece code in with more set for the 20k likes stage. The 15k likes code is coming soon.

Legacy Piece codes are coming in fast. The release of this new One Piece-inspired Roblox adventure is seeing it amass a following at record speed. That means more codes are just around the corner.

Coming from Roblox developer UnrioC, the latest in a long line of Pirate vs Marine MMOs released in mid-April 2024 and has quickly climbed the charts. Use the codes for Legacy Piece to keep a competitive edge over everyone else in your server. Use the Legacy Piece Trello and Discord to get a head start.

New Legacy Piece codes

  • 1MVISITS – race spins and boss drop chance (new)
  • 500KVISITS – 5 spins, 350 cash, and more (new)
  • 10KLIKES – 5 spins, 55 exp, and 350 cash
  • CHUCHUBLESSES – EXP, spins, beli, and mastery and EXP boosters
  • TYFORPATIENCE – ten race spins, 450 cash, and 55 EXP
  • Release – 2 spins, 25 exp, and 45 cash
  • CODESONE – two spins, 45 EXP, and 100 cash

How to redeem Legacy Piece codes

A screenshot showing how to redeem codes in Legacy Piece on Roblox.

Just follow these steps to use codes in Legacy Piece:

  • Launch Legacy Piece.
  • Log in to your character.
  • Press ‘M’ on your keyboard.
  • Click the cog/gear icon to enter the Settings menu.
  • Enter a Legacy Piece code in the box at the bottom.
  • Click the Submit button.

Why didn’t a Legacy Piece code?

Legacy Piece codes work at any level. If they throw up ‘invalid code’ errors, remove any spaces from either side of the code. Using copy/paste from the list above can sometimes add a space to the left or right.

To make tracks in this one, check out the Legacy Piece Discord and Trello. The former is great to chatting to other players, and the latter is a developer-made repository of information.

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