League Of Legends Gets $450 Bundle, Fans React With Shock

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Pricy bundles and expensive DLC are not uncommon among gaming companies. But Riot Games may have taken things to a new level with its latest League of Legends bundles. As a tribute to esports icon and League of Legends player Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, Riot is offering three bundle tiers, with the highest one set to cost approximately $450.

As announced on Riot's official site, Faker has been inducted into the company's hall of fame, the Hall of Legends, for being the most-successful player in the history of League of Legends, and for his contributions to esports. Faker and Riot also collaborated on the new bundles to celebrate his induction. The first bundle, the Risen Legend Collection, includes a Hall of Legends Pass, a Takedown Counter Taunt, an icon, an emote, a banner, and Ahri with a unique orange-and-white skin for for 430 RP or $40. The second tier, the Immortalized Legend Collection, includes everything from the previous bundle and adds exclusive skin transformations, finishers, the Immortalized Ahri skin, and more. That bundle will also include a significantly higher cost of 32,430 RP or about $250.

The third and final tier is the Signature Immortalized Legend Collection, which is going for an astronomical 59,260 RP or approximately $450. For that, players get everything from the first two bundles as well as a Faker-themed signature move and structure finisher, an exclusive border, banner, 100 pass levels, a Final Boss Faker title, and additional content.

Among League of Legends fans on social media, the reactions to that price tag have been swift and almost universally negative.

Riot addressed the pricing of the bundles on the FAQ section of its official site.

"For those looking to flex their fandom, the Immortalized Legend Collection and Signature Immortalized Legend Collection include spectacular additions, headlined by the evolving Immortalized Legend Ahri skin. While more expensive, these versions are meant to be highly commemorative, with never-before-implemented features that we can’t wait to see hit the Rift."

All three bundles will be available from June 12 to July 8 during the League of Legends Hall of Legends event.

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