League of Legends fighting game expands roster with tentacled warrior

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I’m a fan of things that state exactly what they are right from the get-go. 2XKO, a game about two fighters on each side engaging in combat until there’s a KO, is no exception. Formerly Project L, this League of Legends spinoff is slowly building up its roster ahead of its scheduled 2025 launch with six announced so far. Now, straight from Runeterra, another battler will be joining the fray.

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, will be joining 2XKO as the latest announced warrior for the upcoming fighting game. Following on from confirmed champions Ahri, Ekko, Darius, and Yasuo, with Jinx and Katarina who have been teased for inclusion, this top-laner will be bringing all her faith-based fury to the game. And tentacles. Lots of tentacles.

In League of Legends, Illaoi is a tough fighter who brings ocean-adjacent pain to any who dare come near her lane. Able to lay down area denial tentacles that swipe at any in the vicinity and with the ability to smash foes with the tentacular might of the Great Kraken, she’s a fairly powerful and popular champion in the LoL community.

In 2XKO, Illaoi smashes her opponent with a brutal uppercut, while green ghostly tentacles spawn around her.

Thankfully it looks like much of her toolkit from the MOBA is making its way across to 2XKO. Her colossal golden idol is intact along with evidence that she’ll still be spawning tentacles to inflict damage on anyone foolhardy enough to step close. Huge smashing attacks are definitely the name of the game and we can expect to see some mobility options available to her, similar to Harsh Lesson from the original game.

2XKO’s approach to the fighting game genre looks like it’ll both make things a little easier to pick up and play, promising streamlined controls and mechanics, along with extra depth thanks to juggling your two fighter team composition. Able to be played in both 1v1 and 2v2 co-op modes, it’ll have to include a hefty roster of champions to ensure a full array of options for both casual and competitive play. With 140 League of Legends characters to choose from, however, we’re sure Riot isn’t hurting for choice right now.

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There’s no release date for 2XKO just yet other than a 2025 release window. In the meantime, if you’re in Tokyo this week, you may be able head over to EVO Japan to get some hands-on time with Illaoi on the show floor.

Meanwhile if you’re wanting to dive back into the Rift, our LoL tier list will make sure you’ve got the right champion ready to roll. You can also keep up to date with who’s coming to this brand new fighter with all the 2XKO characters we know will be joining the action.

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