Knuckles gets into VR and bullies his human friend in the first trailer for his Paramount+ show

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The six-episode event series you didn't know you needed.

Knuckles (2024) trailer Image credit: Paramount+

The first trailer for the Sonic spinoff series focusing on Knuckles that no one asked for is here, and it actually looks kind of cute and badass.

What if Knuckles (voiced by the mighty Idris Elba) was Sonic's housemate? What if Knuckles also had a dumb human friend he wanted to train as an Echidna warrior? If those questions sound enticing to you, you're in luck. The Knuckles series looks exactly as silly and outdated-ish as the two (very successful) Sonic the Hedgehog flicks that Paramount has put out so far, but maybe that's what we need right now.

The first-ever trailer for the Paramount+ series is actually quite generous, and introduces us to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' post-Sonic 2 day-to-day, meaning this spinoff show will most likely tie directly into the third movie, which comes out this Christmas and will break the Internet with live-action Shadow and probably also the child who gets shot and sends Shadow on a warpath.

For the most part, the preview shows Knuckles causing the usual 'fish out of water' hijinks we've come to expect from past live-action Sonic entries, but it's surprising to see Sonic and Tails, as well as other characters from the movies, having a major presence. With all the returning actors and CGI involved, there's a decent chance this six-episode (likely limited) series was an expensive one to make. On top of the comedy, a secondary villain (lackeys included) is seen harnessing the echidna's power and following in Robotnik's footsteps.

Paramount+ also shared a first poster promoting the April 26, 2024, release date:

Knuckles (2024) poster Here it is! | Image credit: Paramount+

It looks like all six episodes of the series will drop on the same day, so feel free to make preparations with your fellow Sonic-heads.

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