Jump Ship Looks Like FTL Combined With Sea Of Thieves

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Swedish development studio Keepsake Games has revealed its new title, Jump Ship, an ambitious sci-fi co-op adventure that looks like FLT meets Sea of Thieves and Starfield. While players will be able to explore the cosmos and hunt down bounties on alien worlds, the twist in Jump Ship is that they'll also be teaming up to operate a spaceship, keep it functioning, and take part in dogfights throughout the galaxy. This co-op part forms a major part of the gameplay loop, as players will take turns engaging in various roles, while also working towards a common goal of making it out alive with as much loot as possible.

"No one adventure is the same, and things often turn into chaos out of nowhere," Filip Coulianos, game director at Keepsake Games, said in a press statement. "One moment you’re chilling and scavenging for parts, the next you're desperately trying to fix the fuel leak on the outside of your ship as projectiles from enemy ships fly around your head and your captain is shouting to get strapped in as you try to escape the sector. We've tried to build a game that brings the best of the sci-fi space fantasy together in one co-op experience, and we can't wait to see people jump in!"

Other key features in Jump Ship include "modular exploration" through multiple jumps into uncharted territory, while randomized events and modifiers like solar flares and asteroid showers will keep players on their toes. Players can exit their ship to repair the outer deck, explore the surface of an asteroid, or use their jetpack to fly into enemy vessels, and Keepsake Games says all of this can be done seamlessly and without loading screens or transitions. The studio was founded by several industry veterans and currently has 12 people working on Jump Ship.

"We're designing Jump Ship to carefully tread the balance between immersion and fun when it comes to space exploration," Keepsake Games CEO Daniel Kaplan said. "We feel the core gameplay is solid, but we also want to involve the players and make a game they will want to keep playing, which is why we will be entering early access on PC and Xbox."

Keepsake Games is aiming to launch Jump Ship at the end of 2024.

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