Joyous Steam multiplayer game gets a free weekend, big update, $5 sale

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What makes a great party game? It needs to be easy to pick up and understand, have a competitive edge and a skill ceiling that’s not too high, and have games that don’t last too long. Mix all that together and you’ve got a game you can play for minutes or hours, and anyone can get involved. In my experience, Golf With Your Friends fits this criteria perfectly, and everyone can play it for free for a limited time, with a massive update and Steam sale once you’re done.

I mean this as a total compliment, but Golf With Your Friends is the perfect game to turn your brain off to while goofing off with friends on Discord. It’s extreme mini golf, and this lends itself to you not thinking about what you’re doing while chatting nonsense, only to then realize you’re in dead last. Multiplayer games like Overcooked lean in on the chaos, and while Golf With Your Friends certainly has its fair share of bedlam, it’s much more forgiving.

If you’re yet to play it or feel like it sounds right up your street, Blacklight Interactive has just launched a big free update, a Steam sale, and even a free weekend for all.

While Golf With Your Friends (mostly) follows the standard rules of mini golf, the new Speed Golf update throws all of that out the window. You’re not taking it in turns to get closest to par, but instead, everyone’s going at the same time with the first to get in the hole the winner. There are turbo charge boosters and a handbrake control feature as well, turning Golf With Friends into an arcade kart racer above all else.

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You can even change the settings of each course, so penalties can be applied for how many shots it takes in Speed Golf, and every single golf course (including custom ones) is available for the game mode too.

Golf With Your Friends is free to play on Steam until Monday April 22 with the 67% sale ongoing until Monday April 29, so expect to pay $4.94 / £3.62 until then. Keep in mind that a lot of the DLC is also in the same sale, so if you want more after getting the base game there’s lots on offer right now.

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