IShowSpeed Gets Revenge On Randy Orton, But on WWE 2K24

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Night two of WrestleMania 40 was filled with intense drama and unexpected turns. This drama was heightened particularly in the match for the WWE United States Championship involving Randy Orton, Logan Paul, and Kevin Owens. While Logan Paul managed to retain his title, it was the unexpected interference from popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Darren "IShowSpeed" that stole the spotlight. Afer interrupting Randy Orton and saving Logan Paul from him, an enraged Randy Orton delivered his signature RKO, knocking IShowSpeed out cold on the announcer's table.

Now, a few days later, IShowSpeed swore to take revenge on Orton for knocking him out and he also proceeded to do so in-game in WWE 2K24.

IShowSpeed Gets His Revenge on Randy Orton?

After Randy Orton took to his Instagram to post a smug caption, "I’d like to wish @ishowspeed a speedy recovery 🐍." Commenting on this, Speed replied, "Wait til I see you again, bro ong🤫🤫"

Following this, a few days later, IShowSpeed streamed playing WWE 2K24. He even slammed his setup after Randy Orton RKO’d him once again, but this time in the game. However, he managed to get some revenge this time, even if it was virtual.

In the first match between Speed's custom character and Randy Orton, Speed ended up winning it with him dishing out many an RKO to Orton.

However, the second match was not exactly good for IShowSpeed as he saw himself on the losing end. The match ended with a massive RKO by Orton and this got Speed slamming his desk in fury.

If you missed out on what happened at the Wrestlemania match, here's a short recap.

The match, featuring Logan Paul, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens, was already intense with Orton and Owens turning on each other. Logan Paul, the reigning champion, was facing both Orton and Owens. However, the tables turned when IShowSpeed, disguised as a blue Prime bottle, entered the ring and saved Paul from a potential defeat.

As the match neared its climax, Randy Orton was on the verge of securing victory over Logan Paul. But just as Orton was about to deliver the final blow, IShowSpeed intervened, pulling Paul out of harm's way and saving him from Orton's wrath. This eventually ended up in Speed getting RKO'd and Paul capitalized on the distraction, swiftly taking down both Orton and Owens to secure the victory and retain his championship.

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