I'm not good Metroidvanias but you might like Islets because it's a very cute one

1 year ago 144

Look at that lil rabbit cat thing go!

 a kind of noodle-armed cat in a red robe, firing a corona of red swords Image Credit: Armor Games Studios

This weekend I spent some time trying out a bunch of games that I meant to try earlier, but didn't have the time to. I played through all of Superliminal, for example, and really enjoyed it until the very end when I got an inspirational lecture from an invisible scientist living in my ear - and I did not care for it. One game I played for literally half an hour and thought it was great, but I was not good enough to beat the first boss I came across. But I thought to myself, other people are better at Metroidvanias, and at least one of them might appreciate being nudged in the direction of a year old one I think is cute. Thus: Islets.

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