How to get Penetration kills in MW3

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Penetration kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) are needed to get certain daily challenges completed. You can then unlock additional Killstreaks by completing these tasks. Here’s how to get Penetration kills in MW3.

How to get a Penetration kill

In order to get a Penetration kill in MW3, your bullets need to pass through a wall before hitting your foe. The cover can’t be too hard because the bullet won’t go through it. Try to find a wall that’s made of wood to get the Penetration kill and attack your foe as they approach. Get a proficient headset on and listen out for nearby soldiers. Various modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, or Hardpoint offer plenty of opportunites for these kills.

While the Drexsom Prime-90 optic can’t see through wood, I found it excellent to spot enemies with its thermal view on the area. It’s also a good idea to equip the Snapsnot Grenade and the UAV Killstreaks to pinpoint their location. Set up a Portable Radar Field Upgrade near a wall to increase your chances with timing.

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In addition to wooden coverage, shooting through fences may count toward a Penetration kill. It helps you get a clear shot for the enemy, differing from the obstructive objects.

What do you need for Penetration kills in MW3?

In order to gain Penetration kills in MW3, you’ll need armor-piercing ammunition for your gun. You can unlock this type of ammo by completing two daily challenges. But first, you need to assign the goal reward in the Armory Unlock menu. Press triangle (or Y on Xbox) on the Party screen.

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Next, find the armor piercing ammo. It’s marked by an emblem that has three grey fallen ammo pieces underneath three that are standed. Make sure this reward is selected and then it says Active on the top right of the box.

Once you’ve completed two daily challenges, the attachment will be available to you. Attach it to an assault rifle or LMG that’s level 9 or above. Overall, Gunsmith add-ons with the Bullet Penetration attribute are beneficial, including 9MM Armor Piercing, 9MM Hardened Rounds, 5.56 Nato Round Nose, and 5.56 Nato Mono.

Best MW3 maps for Penetration kills

Since Penetration kills require a wall, use maps small to medium sized maps with an abundance of structures. Here is a list of the best MW3 maps for the Penetration kills:

  • Farm 18
  • Scrapyard
  • Highrise
  • Shipment

Shipment is one the best choices for the MW3 Penetration kills due to its compact landscape. It’s a fairly hectic map where the rounds go by rather quickly. That said, you may unlock this specific elimination without even trying, thanks to its helpful structures. The containers here are valuable for the Penetration kill’s wall requirement, often causing Wall Bangs (another form of the kill.)

Highrise’s fences are another fantastic point of impact, allowing Operators to get a better shot. There are plenty of fences on either side of the map, perfect for these attacks. As long as the locaton is small in size, it’s fair game with these particular kills. However, I suggest staying away from areas with more formidable structures, like the Quarry, since it will be challenging to shoot through certain walls. Make sure you also equip UAV equipment, or else you may unable to see the opponent coming.

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