How to fix flashing start screen in MW3

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With the arrival of Season 3 for MW3, there’s so much going on. However, with every seasonal update, there are bound to be issues. The biggest one is that after players install the update for MW3, the title screen flashes. If that’s happening to you, this guide might fix the start screen from flashing in MW3. 

MW3: How to fix the start screen from flashing

When I first launched MW3 after installing the update, the main CoD screen would flash and then go black. You may think this is something wrong on the game’s side like the update being stuck at 99 percent, however, it seems to be nothing other than a glitch. Thankfully, you can resolve this problem this problem on your own. When the title screen starts flickering, simply restart the game after it’s updated. This worked for me, so you may have the same outcome. After that, you should be able to get the Allegiances Camo without an issue.

Mw3 New Content ImageScreenshot: Activision

On the other hand with it being MW3, not every solution will work. After restarting the game and you’re still getting a flashing or black screen, you may have to reinstall the game. The update might have not been installed properly. 

What to do if the problem persists?

Having issues appear even after you’ve been troubleshooting is sadly common in MW3. Like most errors such as this, you might have to wait till Activision addresses it. The good news is that this problem seems to be a smaller one. While it does fall in the game-breaking category, it might be resolved quickly since it’s impacting a smaller group of players. I can expect the developers to fix this problem sooner than later. But before you give up entirely, make sure you’ve used the options above. You may not even have to wait at all. 

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