How to fix “Elden Ring DLC not working on PS5” error

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If you’re trying to play the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC on your PS5 but are noticing that it’s not working, how can you fix this error? You’re not alone, so here are some tips for how to access the Elden Ring DLC on your PS5.

Elden Ring: How to fix Shadow of the Erdtree DLC not working on PS5 error

Many players online have been complaining about having the DLC installed on their PS5, and yet Elden Ring doesn’t seem to recognize that it’s downloaded. We have some insight on why this could be happening after doing our research. You may be able to fix the Elden Ring DLC not working on your PS5 by ensuring you’ve purchased the DLC in the same region as the base game.

One Reddit user on the Elden Ring subreddit posted a PSA about making sure you buy the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC through the same region as you did for Elden Ring. They got a message saying “Main data not installed in this storage space“, and they explained how they bought the main game through the US region but the DLC through the EU region.

If you’re sure that you’ve purchased Elden Ring and its DLC through the same region, there may be other solutions you can try:

  • Restart PS5: I know this sounds like a silly idea, but perhaps it’ll work. After installing the Elden Ring SotE DLC, turn off your PS5 completely. Wait a minute, then turn it back on.
  • Reinstall DLC: Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC (not Elden Ring itself) will work. You can do this by highlighting Elden Ring, pressing the Options button, selecting “Manage Game Content”, and then selecting “Delete” next to the DLC.
  • Complete prerequisites: Are you sure you know the prerequisites to unlocking the new area for the DLC? Make sure you’ve defeated both Mohg and Radahn. Many fans know about Mohg, but you may have forgotten about Radahn. Also, make sure you head to the cocoon, but you may experience the cocoon error.

While scouring Reddit threads, it seems like the common issue is players not purchasing the DLC through the same region as Elden Ring. I’m sure that refunding the DLC and purchasing it through the correct region will solve your issue. Otherwise, once you finally get into the DLC, you should know where to go first.

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