How to find the Boss Raid NPC in Type Soul

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Having trouble finding the Boss raid NPC location in Type Soul? You need to speak to him to trigger the available co-op boss battles added in the April 13 update. The patch notes say to find him yourself. That’s easier said than done.

We’ve called on the Type Soul Roblox community to track the guy down and added a handy guide here for those of you not able to, or willing, to jump into the game’s Discord server to find these kinds of answers.

How to find Kisuke, the Boss raid NPC, in Type Soul

The location of Kisuke, the Type Soul boss NPC.

You’ll find Kisuke – the Type Soul boss raid NPC – sitting on a bench between two tall white buildings.

These buildings are quite easy to spot. They’re decorated with picnic tables, parasols, and various blue mailboxes and trash cans or bins. Two trees also mark the entrance. It’s right by Nell, the Banker NPC. Just head there and you’ll spot him between the buildings.

If you need a more visual aid, YouTuber kazxiii has a quick and easy video walkthrough taking you from one part of the city straight to the boss NPC.

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