How to Complete the 7-2 “Light Up The Night“ Challenge in Ultrakill?

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The 7-2 challenge in Ultrakill requires you to proceed through the Light Up The Night level without killing any of the enemies that spawn.

The 7-2 challenge essentially involves loading the railcar with the missile (payload) and using it to blast through the walls into the Archive.

The fast-paced world of Ultrakill encompasses numerous levels or layers of Hell where players will face many deadly enemies. One such level is 7-2 which is the second level of Act 3. Besides, getting through the stage, players are presented with a challenge where they must tackle hordes of hellish creatures like the Guttermen, Mannequins, Guttertanks, Cerebri, and more. 

In stark contrast to the rest of the game, this challenge in the Light up the Night level involves becoming a pacifist and finishing this stage without killing any enemies you come across in the area. While it is quite difficult to get through, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know to complete this pesky challenge.

Here’s How You Can Complete the 7-2 “Light Up The Night“ Challenge in Ultrakill

Completing this challenge requires you to get past the various areas on the map without killing any of the enemies who spawn in each room. However, you need to know that dealing damage to enemies to refill your health does not hinder your progress. The main objective of this quest is to load up the railcar with the missile (payload) and use it to blast through the walls into the Archive and finish the stage. 

Getting through the starting room of 7-2 is pretty straightforward, as you can simply use your whiplash and dash to get past the area. However, once you enter the room where Gutterman spawns, things might seem quite confusing. Thankfully, there is no defensive barrier locking you into this room and you can dodge past the mini-boss and leave the room.


As you reach the checkpoint, you will spot a Chessboard floored area, and running straight through it will trigger the game to spawn enemies, hence reducing your health at the very least. To avoid this, you can run or whiplash to the right side of the chessboard room and reach the Clocktower.


Walk to the right side of the Clocktower and you will notice a small incline on the ground about five steps away from the east of the tower. You will spot a hole in the ground and jumping in will take you to the train room. Use the pad on the left side of the room to open the gates and hop on the railcar to leave the area.

hole in the ground

Before reaching the next location, you can also choose to jump off the train before you enter the gates of this midway point. Similar to the Chessboard room, you can walk past the area from the right side, reach the other end, and quickly activate the railcar again to escape to the Train Station (if you have triggered enemy spawn). 

After arriving at the Train Station checkpoint, opening the door on the left will take you to the Red Skull room. However, you can bypass this room entirely. Before you enter the station, you will spot an open area to your right before you get on the railcar from the other end of the midway point. 

This is essentially the top view of the room containing the Red Skull, which is wide open without any roof to cover it. This makes the task quite easy, as all you have to do is jump above and fire at the cracked top (easily spotted from outside) with any explosive such as a rocket, a shotgun core, etc. You can then grab the skull from the block using your Whiplash. Getting the timing right is key to getting your hands on the Red Skull.

Using this method helps you avoid gunfire from enemies, as well as bypass all the platforming and the mine present in the passageway to the room.

Red Skull

Return to the Train Station and place the skull on the Pedestal. A passageway will now open and you must use your whiplash and grapple your way past this platforming segment with the orbs. At this stage, getting through this section is pretty intuitive, as all you have to do is use the whiplash on the orbs and open the locked gates. 


You will then reach the room containing the payload, where you must interact with the console and drop the payload onto the railcar that brought you there. Follow the same strategy you used to get the payload safely past the enemies. Once you reach the area where you dropped down and took the rail, simply hop off and wait for the payload to explode and destroy the walls.

Once the rubble clears up, drop down into the opening on the ground and make your way to the Archives to reach the checkpoint. To get through this area, you need to follow a specific path that stops enemies from spawning.

This area essentially functions like a maze so you need to follow these instructions carefully and walk in the exact pattern to avoid spawning enemies:

  • Walk to the far right from the checkpoint

  • Take the immediate left

  • Left

  • Right

  • Left

  • Left

  • Right

  • Right

  • Left

  • Right

  • Right

  • Left

  • Right

The aforementioned instructions can be found before you even jump into the hole beside the Clocktower and get on the railcar. As you walk past the tower, you will notice the train tracks coming from a subway. Walk through it until you spot an opening on the left, beside the gates.

Walk into this open room and you will find a book on a pedestal that holds the secret pattern you need to follow, to avoid spawning the enemies.

Archive's red gate

Following this pattern will help you reach the Archive's red gate and simply walk inside it denotes the end of the level, successfully completing the 7-2 challenge in Ultrakill. You will now be able to unlock the Jackhammer in the game.

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