How to complete EA FC 24 Euro Throwback objective

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The EA FC 24 Euro Throwback objective is certainly one of the harder sets of challenges to complete, as the instructions aren’t stated explicitly.

Instead, you’ll have to decrypt a bunch of available clues and try to figure out how to solve them using the right cards in Ultimate Team. While it might feel gritty at first, completing the set is easy once you know what the solutions for the clues are. Solving the entire set will earn you a heap of XP and guaranteed walkout packs.

All EA FC 24 Euro Throwback objective clues and solutions

The EA FC 24 Euro Throwback objective has five different clues. Each one is different from the other, so decoding all of them could be problematic, but here are the solutions you need to use.

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  • Le Roi: A hero stepped onto the European Championship stage in 1984 and left a legacy. He scored 9 goals in just 5 matches and led his team to glory. Score 9 goals using players from that nation in any game mode. Solution: Score 9 goals with French players (Player referred here is Platini).
  • Greek Triumph: Greece pulled off one of the most impressive and astonishing European Championship victories in 2004! Win a match in any game mode while having at least 4 players from either Greece or Portugal in your starting 11. Solution: Win a match with either 4 Greek or 4 Portuguese players (pretty straightforward).
  • One of a Kind: One of the best football players of our time holds two European Championship records. The most goals and most matches played. Score at least 2 goals per match in 5 separate matches using any version of this player in any game mode. Solution: Score 2 goals per match for 5 matches with any Cristiano Ronaldo card.
  • Three in 15 minutes: Recreate the dramatic comeback Türki̇ye achieved in 2008 from 2-0 down to winning 3-2 in the final 15 minutes. Win 1 match scoring at least 3 goals using players from Türki̇ye in any game mode. Solution: Score 3 goals with Turkish players and win the match.
  • Trophy Cabinet: Only two nations have ever won the European Championship three times. Win 4 matches while using at least 5 players from each of these nations in your starting 11 in any game mode. Solution: Win 4 matches with at least 5 Spanish and 5 German players in your starting lineup.

The EA FC 24 Euro Throwback objective will take some time to complete, as some of the tasks requires you to play a certain number of matches. Completing each EA FC 24 Euro Throwback objective task rewards you 400 seasonal XP. Once the full set if complete, you’ll unlock a trophy and a pack guaranteeing two cards rated 87 or higher.

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