‘High tension adventure game’ ULTRA MUSHROOM announced for PC

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Make it big with a festival mushroom stall.

Publishers and developers TRY GAMES and room6, and NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD developer xemono have announced “high tension adventure gameULTRA MUSHROOM for PC (Steam). It will launch in 2025.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Welcome to the outdoor festival “Ultra Mushroom” at the foot of the mountain.

There was once a man who made a billion yen in just three days by running a curry stall here.

Our protagonist, inspired by this news, comes to the festival with the ambition of making it big with a mushroom stall (with zero cost mushrooms!).

Note: The mushrooms in this game are delicious, wholesome, and full of vitality. They’re also very healthy.

Gather Mushrooms in the Mountains

Search for mushrooms with your pig, Buta, in the hills behind the festival. Your zero-cost dream relies on your mushroom knowledge and dedication. There might be precious ultra mushrooms deep in the mountains, but going too far could make you late for the festival!

Sell Like Crazy at the Music Festival!

The key to success at your stall is to hype up the customers! Choose a stage, match the rhythm of the dope music, and keep the energy high with your banter. The more you excite the crowd, the more orders you’ll get, bringing you closer to your big break.

Feed them ultra mushrooms, and they might even start sharing unheard stories in their excitement! Some customers might even help you run the stall if you become friends.

Invest your earnings into upgrading your stall, making cooking and customer service more high-tech.

The Crowd

  • Kinoko – The protagonist of the game, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Buta – Always curious about the taste of new mushrooms.
  • Mosh – Enjoys moshing. Came to the festival with a guy she met on a dating app. He ran away after her wild antics, but she’s having too much fun to care.
  • Goggle – Believes the best sound is right in front of the PA system.
  • Juice – Constantly drinking juice through a tube from his backpack. Values hydration to keep dancing.
  • Candy – Only eats grape-flavored candy. Travels from festival to festival.
  • Dr. Mushroom – Shares intriguing and valuable mushroom information.
  • Security Guard – Barely hides his hostility towards couples.
  • Gal and Gal Boy – Not actually dating.
  • Excited Old Man – A retired legendary DJ searching for excitement.

Key Features

  • Rumors.
  • Even pigs can gain enlightenment.
  • Virtual mushrooms can make billions.
  • There’s a hidden, super ultra happy fourth day of the festival.

Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

Announce Trailer

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