Here’s Where You Can Farm Ghost Mushrooms in WoW Classic SoD

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Ghost Mushrooms is arguably one of the most coveted resources you can farm in WoW Classic.

The Ghost Mushroom is mainly used to craft various potions and elixirs for Alchemists.

You can also craft the Potion of Limited Invulnerability, besides Demonslaying, Shadow Power, and Invisibility Elixirs.

The massive regions in World of Warcraft (WoW) encompass a diverse list of herbs, each serving a variety of purposes. While most plants are found relatively easily, herbs like Ghost Mushrooms can be quite challenging to obtain, as they are found only in selective areas of the map. 

Ghost Mushrooms are primarily used to make magic potions such as Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Shadow Power, and Potion of Invisibility for Alchemists, all of which come in handy to tackle deadly enemies in Season of Discovery Phase Three. Without further ado, here’s how you can effectively farm Ghost Mushrooms in WoW.

All Major Ghost Mushroom Farming Locations in Wow Classic SoD

Ghost Mushrooms are arguably one of the most sought-after crafting materials in WoW Classic, acting as a reagent to create numerous high-tier potions for Alchemists. Although you can obtain this herb from numerous areas, they are predominantly found in The Highlands.

The Highlands

While you can gather an abundance of them in Skull Rock, keep in mind that this area is known to be the most popular spot to collect Ghost Mushrooms for Herbalists as well, so there is a higher chance that you might run into trouble.

If that seems to be the case, Ghost Mushrooms can be collected from the region south of Jintha’Alor as well. You can also find them in limited quantities in a cave west of the same location. Besides that, you can find them in several other regions such as:

  • Desolace: A decent quantity of Ghost Mushrooms can be spotted in the western part of the Valley of Spears 

  • Arathi Highlands: A small amount of these herbs can be found in a cave located in the northeast direction from Hammerfall.

  • Mauradon: Farming through the entire dungeon is guaranteed to drop at least 10 Ghost Mushrooms. If you play classes like Druid or Rogue, you can also use your skills to easily sneak past enemy mobs.

  • Dire Maul: Killing enemies within the Dire Maul dungeon can also drop ample Ghost Mushrooms. While Gnarled Thristleshrub is the best mob to farm this herb, you can also acquire it by defeating mobs like Whip Lasher and Bloodpetal Flayer.

Dire Maul

Besides farming them from the aforementioned locations, you may also find Ghost Mushrooms for sale at the Auction House. While its prices may vary depending on your server, you might find it selling for around 2 Gold. If you managed to farm an abundance of this resource, you can also exchange it for Gold. Note that the map locations were provided by WoW Head.

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