Here’s How You Can Fast Travel and Auto-Walk in AFK Journey!

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There's no doubt that AFK Journey brings genuine away-from-keyboard RPG Fun, but its vast map and dungeons present a gameplay challenge: the need to go from one point to another constantly. However, the development team has dealt with this challenge by providing players with fast travel and auto walk. Wondering how you can use them? Here's everything you need to know about Fast-Travel and Auto-Walk in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey: How Can You Fast-Travel?

You can fast-travel in AFK Journey by unlocking the game's first Waystone, which is found in the Holistone Region. This milestone allows you to use the game's fast-travel system, which lets you quickly teleport between all the Waystone points you've unlocked.

After you've managed to unlock two or more Waystones, you can choose one, select the downward arrow, and you'll be instantly sent to your desired location. You can further enhance your traveling experience in the game by looking out for the magnifier icon. This shows up when you hover on a Waystone and allows you to view all intractable characters, objects, and even shrines you can go to.

AFK Journey: How Can You Auto-Walk?

Alongside the Fast Travel feature, you can also use the Auto-Walk feature in the game. After selecting a waypoint, you can use this feature by clicking on the "boot icon" located on the map. This will switch on the "walking sign," automatically allowing your characters to head towards the location you want to go to.

The auto-walk system makes sure that your party doesn't go for unnecessary encounters and reaches the desired location easily. However, keep in mind that auto-walk will restrict your movement. You won't be able to open chests along your route, so a lot of collectibles can be left behind.

By using fast travel and auto walk features, you can significantly reduce the time spent on continuous traveling and put your focus on the more engaging and fun parts of the AFK Journey. Keep in mind that multiple factors, such as your overall level, can influence fast travel and auto-walk features. For more guides, check out how you can get Gemstones in AFK Journey.

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