Here's All The Destiny 2: Into The Light Content Leaving In June

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In the lead-up to The Final Shape, Bungie has detailed which parts of Into The Light will remain after June 3 and which parts of it will be going away.

First up, the new raid boss gauntlet Pantheon will be exiting Destiny 2 in June. This mode will be available starting April 30 and allows players to earn a variety of rare emblems that were previously only available in Contest Raids. Bungie says Pantheon was always intended to be a time-limited event, and this means players will only have a month to earn the Brave title and other rewards from this mode.

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As previously mentioned by Bungie in a livestream, the limited-edition variants of the Brave arsenal weapons will only be available to earn until June 3. If you're looking to take on that challenge, here's how you can unlock The Mountaintop and The Recluse. Other parts of Into The Light you can wave goodbye to include the Hall of Champions social space, the Arcite 99-40 quests, armor chests, and weapon attunement.

Currently, players can attune these popular weapons and get "god rolls" on them with sought-after weapon perks. Once the expansion drops, it'll be much harder to get optimal rolls once this feature is no longer available.

"We really like the attunement experience so far, and while it won't be available right at the launch of The Final Shape, we're already working on bringing back a new attunement experience for Brave weapons sometime during Echoes," Bungie said.

The good news is that a lot of good stuff will still be available once The Final Shape launches. The Onslaught horde mode will be sticking around as a dedicated playlist, regular Brave Arsenal weapon rewards can still be earned from it, and Bungie has plans to introduce new ways to unlock the popular Parade Armor sets and the Superblack shader.

The reprised Exotic missions will also remain, and they'll be moved to the Legends tab. The Exotic weapons and catalyst rewards from these missions will also still be available to earn from their respective vendors.

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