Hades 2 Technical Test May Have Revealed The Identity Of The Unnamed Narrator

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The Hades 2 Technical Test has opened the gates of the underworld for a few lucky players, and reactions are already hitting social media--thirst posts included. An intrepid Redditor, meanwhile, thinks that the game has confirmed a theory that dates back to the first's game launch in 2018, through a piece of dialogue that may reveal the identity of the franchise's narrator.

Reddit user Wyld_Fyr3_ posted a screenshot of the test build to a Hades subreddit with the title "True identity of the narrator." The image shows the heroine Melinoë seemingly addressing the narrator directly, while also saying, "How shall I ever catch her if you're going to describe my every move?" We've avoided spoilers up until now, but if you wish to know who she is speaking to, scroll below the image to find out.

This is the look we'll give you if you get mad about spoilers after we warned you.This is the look we'll give you if you get mad about spoilers after we warned you.

Melinoë namedrops Homer--no, not Simpson, though one Reddit commenter does mention that "the idea of Homer Simpson just reading Greek mythology is great"--as she speaks about describing her every move, which may have outed him as the overarching narrator. Homer, for those unaware, was the real-life Greek poet who wrote The Odyssey and The Iliad, two of the most famous works in Greek literature.

Fans have been theorizing that he is as-yet-unnamed narrator, as his presence as a storyteller in ancient Greece would fit the bill. The potential reveal seems to have delighted fans on the subreddit, with one commenter saying it is "such an exciting reveal" and that it's "such a perfect fit."

Hades 2 is set to launch in early access later this year on PC. The Hades 2 Technical Test is ongoing, and you can request access on the game's official Steam page.

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